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The Behavioural Insights Team (BIT), more famously known as The Nudge Unit, is a global social purpose company working to improve people’s lives and communities by generating and applying behavioural insights through evidence, practice issues and evaluation to bring about simple yet powerful changes.

In response to BIT’s clear methodology the brand design focused on their distinctive blue rhombus, a heritage brand mark associated with their EAST framework (four simple ways to apply behavioural insights). By evolving the mark to conform to 3D isometric angles enabled it to fit within a partial square, representational of thought and insight flowing up and above the brand letters.

The isometric foundation to the brand opened up the wider identity to a modular system with additional patterns and illustrations that gave depth and colour to all touchpoint including website, social, events and most importantly their many ground breaking reports.

Categories: Branding/ Identity/ Design/ Art & Creative Direction/

Acknowledgments: Design & direction for Studio La Plage x Behavioural Insights Team

“Our vision is a future where people and communities can thrive in a world shaped by a deep understanding of human behaviour”